silk dress vintage from 390 mart, ripped skinny jeans american eagle, clarkes stichcraft vintage from goodwill

i`ve always been a fan of skirts or dresses over pants, but it always seemed to be slightly faux pas in north america.  luckily for me dresses over pants are the norm for women my age in kansai. i couldn`t believe my luck when i found this beautiful vintage dress; it is navy silk with white circles and i got it for 390¥.  the vintage shoes were also a steal at 4$ CDN and i`ve been wearing them for years.  as for the jeans, 390 mart also carries a large stock of used american eagle jeans, i guess due to the sheer output.  they look decent enough for cheap jeans and i like that they are more or less true to size which takes the guesswork out of buying pants, an activity which normally involves a lot of `wow, once again my butt is bigger than i thought` comedy-drama.a note on the fashion faux pas - is there such a thing?  my father wears sandals everyday, and he always wears them with socks. i`d see him come down for the morning, happy as pie in slouchy socks and birkenstocks, and i`d think to myself, oh lord.  my father is one of those `socks in sandals` people.  the more i reflected on it, it occurred to me that he`s kind of a fashion rebel, uninhibited about the mores and exogenous norms enacted on us by the fashion wise and so on,  which is truly the heart of fashion - isn`t it? to break through the boundaries.  to be nostalgic, avant garde, humorous, political...    it wore on me, and one day, this summer i stepped into the genkan (japanese entrance to the home) wearing slouchy hand knit woolen socks, and my own birkenstock sandals.  my husband took one look at my feet and with a bemused expression said one word, slowly, "woah".  i decided to just let it work on him, maybe someday he`ll try it.  as my father says, `it`s just so much comfier!`.