do you thank the internet for street style blogs?  i do.  my favourite used to be copenhagen street style, which became the locals. (i linked to the tag with casual, you can custom sort by your own flavour.)

each street style blog is framed of course by whatever the photographer/editor is looking for.  i love how the taste of the locals seems to be outfits that express personality, and play with color and silhouettes.  it`s more like looking at art than looking at street style.  i love it.  also fun is sol sol, a korean street style tumblr i found recently.  i love to see what the styles on the street are in seoul.  my partner and i spent an hour after dinner scrolling through the outfit posts trying to commiserate on the `hits` and `misses` (just like battleship).  funnily enough it always seems to be the fashion that is right on the line of cool or not, that is the coolest.  keeps you guessing.

perhaps the antithesis of street style, may i present the website people of walmart.  be warned before you go there, if you spend too much time clicking through you will feel like a bad person.  pure shadenfreude.  but a good primer if you`re planning to go to walmart and have never been.  also a good cultural reference if you`re trying to explain what rural canadian culture is like to your japanese inlaws who have never been there, even though it`s an american site.  (walmart`s appeal is universal.)  i`m starting to feel bad for even typing this post.

so perhaps i`d better end on a positive note.  i also have enjoyed over the years advanced style, street peeper, garance dore and tomboy style.  and of course the fudge magazines street snaps.

OMG I almost forgot the sartorialist!  how could i.