i bought myself a new notebook at birthday bar, i guess, according to the bag.  it was a particularly good stationery/gift shop i stumbled into. these are the best notebooks; i`ve been buying the same kind for 8 years.  i love the design on the bag; `to the girl & boy as an adult.`  with a stork.

santa san came early this year.  somebody secretly ripped his plastic head open in customs.  he`s ok.

 messy, messy, girl!
you know you are going a bit weird when you think your power bar would make a nice subject for a photographic composition.

you know you are a messy messy girl who has neglected her cleaning duties for far too long when you have free range dust bunnies such as these.  i know if you are a weaver and you are reading this you are not judging so harshly, lol.  fiber fuzz {existential} is.

i recently bought some new business cards from moo.  i usually design my own but i liked this little square design advertised so much i thought, `ah what the heck` and went for it.  square business cards in japan!  my husband thinks they`ll piss people off by not fitting in with the other cards.  lol.  i thought they would be calming, but when i got them i found them a little bit depressing… h - e  -  l  -  l  -   o o o o

patchwork made from scraps of old linen shirts and pants in progress.  i love sewing but i hate measuring, calculating, preparing and checking stuff, so it`s usually pretty haphazard.  luckily this project turned out pretty good. `accidental effect`, right? i love it.  i think i might finish it off as a padded rug for the cold winter floor in one of our unheated rooms.