from top left; northern delights ground juniper tea, green tea, an orange?, st. john`s wort tea, mint tea bag, mugicha (barley tea), pg tips, genmaicha with matcha, shoti ma from amsterdam, organic rooibos, freshly dried mint from my friend`s garden, ban nou cha. 

ban nou cha is a famous, and slightly expensive japanese non-caffeine blend tea.  they won a prize for top online sales in japan in the last five years.  it is my dream to export ban nou cha to the west, but first i would have to figure out how to explain all of what is in it.  i was first introduced to it when my mother in law sent it to me when i was in canada being a farmer and stuff, (she`s a licensed barley-master) and i treasured it.  it`s so pretty i like to put it in a dish and look at it.  it`s rugged,  chunky, and smells like earth.  i can`t explain it all because some of the things i don`t even know in english, but there are at least fourteen wonderful things in here including leaves of common plants in japan, oolong stems, barley tea (a few special kind, hatomugi and inakamugi)…soybeans……it`s just too good.  anyone help me out here?  what is `biwa` in english, and `dokudami`- biwa and dokudami, right?  anyway, the leaves of THAT.  mmmmm.  plus a kind of sweet grass, a kind of bamboo leaf, and persimmon leaf.  it has a mellow, rounded taste.  you have to try it, or just buy it and look at it.