yes, i bought my bread from a bakery named `bigot`.  i`ve also eaten in and sat beneath the big `bigot` sign.  lol.

a charlie brown christmas tree.  our only ornaments are all the champagne corks from the last nine years my partner and i celebrated together, wrapped in red and green yarn.  simple & sweet.  christmas, no children and one partner working extra long hours this week.  i called my mother in canada who has just started her first round of chemotherapy and has to stay at home alone with her nausea to protect her compromised immune system.  i miss my mom, she sounded lonely too.  this is life, the bitter and the sweet would be nothing without each other.  i spent the day putting the house in order, weaving some cotton/jute slub that smelled of hinoki,  and cooking some healthier foods than my gravy riddled `hot chicken sandwich` lunch (a newfoundland favorite) for dinner - pumpkin `nimono`, simmered butternut squash in broth, with japanese kabura turnips and the greens, to be served with a shio/yuzu kosho yakisoba.  not so christmassy,  but that`s ok.  everybody`s safe and sound, we have a little tree and a little music, and a fridge full of beer & wine and hearts that are open ;D.  looking forward to see what good things 2015 will bring.  

happy holidays, l&c.  

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