i googled `falafel food porn` and was transported to a tumblr paradise.  see here.
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there is an excellent falafel shop that i have been going to in kyoto for the last 9 years. now that i live in kyoto, it is far more convenient to make time for falafel in my life.  falafel garden is a short skip up from demachinayagi station.  they ozone wash their veggies and they also have lots of vegetarian options.  if you live in kansai and like middle eastern food, i can`t imagine that you`ve never been here (it`s famous.  they`ve even had shops in nara a few times).  in case you haven`t, post haste get there!  i will be making an end of year visit very soon!  here`s how to get there..and the menu and stuff.  here.

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