i`ve been weaving on my little folding loom every day this week.  the first day i thwacked out this little table runner in hand-dyed cotton+jute.  (slub yarn is divine.)  this particular yarn was sprayed with hinoki oil to keep bugs from biting in the shop and boy did it smell heavenly in my room.  i got most of my new years cleaning under control earlier the week, so it`s  a pleasure to enjoy things around the house again.  while weaving, i enjoyed a coffee and watched a chet baker documentary on youtube.  later i packed up my new yarns and opened up the piano for some relaxing play.  since my friend`s visit i`ve been feeling so much better, physically, as well as mentally and spiritually.  i`m finally feeling up for the new year.  inspiration is brewing, my focus is sharpening, and i feel the mountains calling me.  time to pay a visit to mother nature. we will be going back to the little seaside town where my inlaws live to visit the shrine for new years and eat o-sechi.  there will probably also be mochi on the hibachi, and gold flakes in our sake.  i love the beach there, the view of the mountains behind it, and being at sea level.

the past few months i have been living like a hungry ghost, an empty husk of a human. i`ve gently invited my spirit to come back and reside.  i`ve been so lonely without my beloved other half.   sounds weird right?  forgive me, i`ve been reading wordsworth.  lol.

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