it took me eight years after coming to japan to get to kamakura (to get to tokyo even, kansai is just too awesome!), and although it was way too crowded to be my favorite place (the train ride alone was traumatic), i really dig the buddha.  i also love the watermelon and flowers they chose for an offering that day.    the exciting feature of this buddha is that he is like a hollow chocolate bunny, and for a nominal fee of 5 yen, you can go INSIDE the buddha.  extremely claustrophobic with a ton of people in there with you and poor air quality, but very cool as you can see the relief features of the giant sculpture.  after fighting the crowds at the buddha, keep going on the train to the end of the line to see more. drink a beer to take the edge off, stop for lunch and wander away to take some time out and enjoy yourself.  kamakura is definitely worth it.  finally, buy a ticket for the  reserved seating limited express romance train back to tokyo when you get back to the main line so you can sit, eat and sleep. no doubt about it!

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