cameo & hairpin - costume jewelry left to me by my great grandmother horse pin - gifted to me by a a lady at the senior`s home i volunteered at in jr. high  pearls - vintage thrifted for about 8 bucks.

chain - costume left by my g.grandma ribbon pin - thrifted in nara for 100¥ shell pin - malaika 100¥ handmade wooden pin - thrifted in canada for 1$ silver amos pewter bangle - thrifted in canada 2$

anyone who knows me, knows that i am a thrifty girl. i started thrifting in jr. high school when there was still stigma against buying second hand, lol.  in those days i could fill a bag full of clothes for 10 cents. i loved making my own style statement with vintage purple bellbottom levi cords and threadbare little boys tees, while all the other girls who could afford it were absolutely uniform in nikes, violet wash jeans and neon bomber jackets. i see the same thing happening these days with trends in jewelry, how can one keep up with the rapid switching from crystals to triangles, silver to gold, without getting whiplash.  yes, i bought the velvet choker and the eyeball necklace when i was young, but they are no longer in my jewelry box whereas these classic pieces above, are.  yes, in recent years i caved to the trend of skinny rings which are very flattering to my stubby baby hand fingers, but the metal is so cheap that they stink too much to wear out! when i try to suck it up and wear them anyway i smell like cabbages on the bus!   i don`t wear alot of jewelry, but my jewelry box has been a consistent record of my sentimental life from the youngest age.  since i don`t regularly write in a journal and can`t keep alot of mementos due to a semi-nomadic life-style, my tiny jewelry box is easy to tag along and each piece reminds me of something or someone.  simple style has the staying power, and feel good pieces can`t be beat.  and of course, you don`t have to break the bank to get `em.