i,  love,  tawashi.   i really do.  i have an insane stock of them under my sink.  i love them so much i lost my head a little bit and decided to open a webshop to sell them because i thought my calling in life was to share tawashi with the world.  i quickly realized this was nuts, because you can probably buy tawashi anywhere.  so i took them out.  tawashi just bring me that much joy.  i use them in the kitchen, and also in jumbo size to scrub the bathroom tiles & tub.  if you hate cleaning or washing dishes, these little guys just might help you out.  you know when you are blue, and you look at pretty flowers and feel better?  i have that with tawashi.  these photos are from the original insanity-fueled shoot for the shop, but i couldn`t resist bringing them back here because they turned out so cute.