`I is another`

i just read this interesting article on medium.com by Joe Levy titled Bob Dylan: The Truth Is, There Is No Truth 
and this particular passage jumped out at me;
[“Not since Rimbaud said ‘I is another’ has an artist been so obsessed with escaping identity,” wrote Ellen Willis of Dylan in 1967. “Dylan’s refusal to be known is not simply a celebrity’s ploy, but a passion that has shaped his work.” What’s fascinating is not just how this refusal extends to his own autobiography, but how it’s now begun to unshape his work, to dismantle it.
Chronicles turns the refusal on its head—it’s an unmasking that creates another mask, a mask that hides itself by posing as the truth. In fact, Dylan has been flooding the market with truth, with narratives and counternarratives, for years.]

i linked the above photo to the article.  or you can click here. ( i couldn`t find a widget for it.)
i like to browse the articles on medium.com sometimes and i often find something fascinating, but nothing prepared me for this;

Why I Left The Major Label System
talib kweli is a blogger and he is awesome! i feel so out of the loop. i wonder how many of my other favorite artists maintain an online presence… (i only had twitter for a day and never did myspace so i guess i must have missed out on alot in those ways…)  i read a bunch of stimulating and inspiring articles by twalib kweli this morning! i need to spend my time online WAY more wisely from now on. resolution no.3; 

 3. use the web to get smarter, not dumber.

(back to the loom.)

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