some wool work from yesterday late afternoon.  over the loom i re-watched inglorious bastards.  the first time i saw it was in bali, so i had no subtitles, and this time in japan again no subtitles.  despite taking a full year course in german in university, i have no idea what they were saying.  (i got an F! when i saw my german professor at film society screenings i would talk to him politely in french.) although i could follow the italian (si).  and the french was not so difficult for me (oh radio-canada).  i watched it for my favorite scene; the shoshanna in red / david bowie`s `cat people` moving montage.  so f-ing electric!

my best friend from junior high school and i recently got into a heated tiff; she was appalled that i had lost interest in quentin tarantino (i paid 35$ to see kill bill in theaters, only to learn it would cost me 35$ more to see the ending…i was very poor and very angry), and i was appalled that she had lost interest in radiohead.  (truth be told so did i for a while, but now - in rainbows? king of limbs?  i now listen back to the basement sessions constantly while weaving! thom york is some kind of voice genius.)

i think it`s funny that i say `f-ing` now.  when i worked in logistics i was surrounded by burly truck drivers and warehouse men and i quickly learnt to swear like a real sailor.  even as recently as two years ago i was still making my parents cringe viscerally with my language, which although in my thirties i still totally enjoyed.  i don`t know if it is that i`m old, or i have polite friends now, or friends with kids or what, but i just totally said f-ing.  lol.  f-yeah!

back to the loom.  i must weave.  i must.  i can`t stop.

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