i bought a `toe-up socks` book here in kyoto, and was tickled pink to see one of the yarns listed in one of the patterns as a fleece artist yarn.  seeing the area code 902 for the phone number brought a smile to my face.  this time last year we were living in nova scotia, trying to sell our little a-frame cabin that we fixed up so we could come back to japan.  i still have some of my fleece artist hand-painted rovings for my weaving & spinning.  this time last year i was weaving all day, everyday as well.  stuck in limbo, as well.  this is some music that was playing in my studio on my transistor radio quite often as i listened to the cbc (canadian broadcast corporation) while weaving.  at that time rose cousins was quite the canadian darling.  i really miss canadian radio.  i like how rose cousin`s face becomes so beautiful when she sings, as if she were born to do it.  :D

it`s a simple song, but so full of emotion.  hope you like it!

and also getting alot of play around that time was kathleen edwards latest album, another canadian darling who i adore. 

not only did music on the cbc get me through living in rural canada again, one of the things that got me through the daily grind of living in rural nara the last time we lived in japan was finding new music from home to explore…  i wonder what 2015 will bring.. 

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