scarves for sale

i finally went ahead and put the first of my new weavings up on etsy.  my shop is here.  there is also a shop widget at the bottom of this page. i`m so excited!!  it feels weird getting back into etsy after such a long break, but really it`s only been a year since scarf season!  i put the cotton & silk work first, next will be the wool and some cloths for the house and such.

here`s a little piece i wove yesterday from some leftover silk and angora to treat myself for all my hard work.  my neck has been killing me but this work suits me so well i can`t complain at all, i love it.  and it`s nothing a hot bath every day can`t fix.  it`s funny because my other love, farming, also killed my neck and shoulders.  heck, so does blogging.  thank goodness for japanese baths.

my little wall hanging of joy.

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