dilly dally…  i was the kid who lived two minutes from school and took two hours to walk home.  stopping to look at every little thing between the street and the curb.  alone with my thoughts.  once i kicked a snowbank and found a shiny silver tapemeasure!  treasure.

i`m a dilly dally weaver.  repetitive stress demands breaks, so i drink a coffee, sneak some chocolate, snap some photos, knit a few rounds, rub my shoulders & warm my fingers.  i wonder how many other weavers out there in the world listen to mos def while they do?  if you`re out there, i`d love to hear from you.  i`m sure most weavers out there don`t have the luxury of calling their own breaks like i do.  i wonder what it`s like being a hand weaver in other countries?

i`m a dreamer.  i`m often torn between my dreams and the cold reality of exogenous norms, those rules imposed on us from without.  my dreams get dashed more often than not, but i can`t imagine not being a dreamer.  my husband is a dreamer too.  i think that`s why we like each other.  we both make things with our hands and we both love growing our own vegetables and chopping our own wood.  he is leather, paper, wood and i am wool, cotton silk.   city life and back to the grind is a big adjustment but we are both coming around to it.   i wish some day we can be artisans together all day long again.  perhaps after we retire, if we are incredibly lucky.

in my thirties now, i find people try harder and harder to hammer me down.  i have heard that once you give into conformity all is lost.  i have let so many of my old ways slip away from me.  i have let years slip by wearing masks for people who demand it that the masks do not easily come loose.  when they do i am unsure of what is left behind them - as nietzsche said SIC "if you stare long enough into the void, the void stares back at you".  i wonder how many other weavers out there regularly read nietzsche.   i will fight to do things my own way. i will try to be stubbornly true to myself, as i was when i was younger.  i will let my real face shine through.

new years resolution #2.

2. be true.

(ps- gosh weaving with good yarn is expensive.)

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