not so very long ago i blogged about trying to incorporate more planning into my weaving process.  i would like to report back that my efforts have resulted in a total fail on that front.  i planned to do a very simple cream and red swedish weaving inspired check shawl scarf and instead i ended up hacking my own design on the warp front, as well as the weft.  i guess that is the saori philosophy following me around.  weaving is so much more fun when i can be spontaneous, creative, inventive, risk taking, and a little crazy at times.  it took a few days to weave this particular piece and i just finished it, but i must say i love how it turned out.  and the new cotton yarns i bought over the holidays with their beautiful soft handspun texture are such a thrill to work with in the tactile realm.  my husband tried talking to me while i was finishing this up but i was so in the weaving zone i found i couldn`t form words or sentences.  haha.  time to start my next cotton piece.  i hope to get them into my shop soon.  :D  i just have to finish designing and making the tags. (too much fun.)

i find myself in a much happier mood in 2015.  i`m not sure if it is the new year, the new yarn, or the fact that so many things have changed for the better.  i did find out that with the new year, my `yaku-doshii` (a buddhist thing where for three years you suffer a risk for poor health/luck) are finally over.  honestly the last three years were some of the worst, so i was tickled pink when i saw it written outside a temple that my sentence has finally been rescinded.  i like how waiting for the good helps us endure the bad, and the bad allows us to appreciate the good that much better.  myself, i`m feeling stronger, wiser, and ready for a fresh start.  happy new year everybody, i wish this year will be a good one for us all!

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