some things are easy, and other things come harder.  when i bought these two skeins of wool at avril they (the skeins) were pretty confident they could do great things with coffee and tea, or so they whispered to me as i spent 2000yen on them.  i wool-dyed the skeins in a natural dye bath and wove a check/stripe pattern.  then i crocheted the hem with a mohair blend of the same colors.  the wool softened up nicely with a few nice felts.  but i was not satisfied, so the other day i realize i had a copper pot worn too far down for cooking so i thought id try a little pot-mordanted tea-dye.  i tied up half the scarf in a simple shibori pattern and set it to dye for a few hours.  i like the tea-dyed side but still not satisfied with the piece.  it is currently being used as a cafe curtain in our shower room to keep the heat in.  it feels a bit like being in a mongolian yurt, so i like it.  i wonder if this is what those two little skeins were meant for, or if this is still a WIP?  rugged, woolen, old-school woven textiles are my thing.  i grew up near the site of an old viking settlement and sometimes i still day dream about the women weaving up woolen masts for their ships on wooden frames weighted with stones in dark sod houses.  and speaking of rugged woolen textiles, thank goodness for outlander`s first half-season of handspun knit heaven, am i correct?

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