this album brings back a lot of old memories…  

when we were living in nara i had the double album of the river.  i used to listen to it while painting weird things in oil, something i should seriously get back into because man it is fun. unfortunately my record collection decreased down to about 7% of what i used to have before we moved around the world and back so this is the only `boss` album i have left.  come to think of it, the first cassette tape i ever owned was my mothers hand-me-down copy of `born in the USA`.  for some reason listening to bruce springsteen is very conducive to creative work.  weaving awaits!  i`ve been weaving hard everyday.  my husband is afraid i`m going to throw my back out again.  wouldn`t that be fun!  i first injured my back two years ago when we moved back to canada.  (overweight suitcases or boxes or something).  it wasn't actually so bad in retrospect, because it got a whole lot worse!  every so often i`d reinjure it,  baggy jeans pulling on my lower back, weaving, getting out of the bath or bending over to pick up a towel (one of the worst times!).  when we were about to move back to japan i had pretty much healed up (or so i thought) and was bending over my mothers dishwasher in a lazy way (without opening the door all the way) when i actually heard the popping snap in my back before i felt it.  i knew i was going down again, this time quicker and more urgently than usual, and i knew it was bad.   i  did make my way straight down to the linoleum in slow motion (there didn`t seem to be any other choice, like a sinking ship), moaning unintelligible words along the way.  my mom and husband both heard me from upstairs and ran down to find me lying facedown on the floor writhing in pain, weeping a puddle of tears on the floor and laughing uncontrollably, which was strange because each chuckle made the back spasm worsen.  it was hilariously awful.  i literally tasted the floor over and over again, as i failed to lift my face. we were all worry-laughing hysterically.  my mother straddled my back and rubbed the muscles hard for a good five minutes until it finally relented enough to start to think about what to do next.  which was make it to the sofa and fidget uncomfortably for about three days.luckily those three days prepared me enough to survive the 12 hour transatlantic flight in economy class with the sole aid of a tiny heating strap and a whack of muscle relaxant. i`ve had a few close calls, but no man-overboards since then, knock on wood.  so i try not to overdo it, even though i totally can`t stop overdoing it right now.  (i love weaving).  as a result there will be some pretty weaving-centric posts coming this way soon.  the yarn is unstoppable.

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