as i was walking down the street yesterday my eyes were alive and i saw a poster of some amazing embroidery (something i`ve been itching to delve deeper into) and then a poster of an illustrated wooly sheep.  it`s the year of the sheep!  it totally passed me by, that fact.  my husband was born in the year of the sheep.  of course i also interpreted it to mean this year will be full of fiber.  lol.

as i walked a little further i started to see inspiration everywhere in textures and patterns.  when i lived in the woods i found i wove what i saw, birch trees, spruce, river, birds, wild cats… now i find i am weaving my surroundings again ,but here in the city.  i`m pretty sure i looked like a madwoman snapping shot after shot of tile, brick and manhole, but it hit me pretty hard and i couldn`t control myself.  i don`t have the personality to be a photographer, i realized during this experience, as i was painfully cognizant the entire time of how nuts i appeared.  generally i only have the courage to shoot about 20% or less of what catches and dazzles my eye.  i lack the gumption to get the good shots.  i`m a much better artist when no-one is around.  lol.  being shy never got anybody anything so perhaps that is a grand new years resolution for this year.

1.  fight past the shyness / don`t care so much what other people think (they`re not thinking about you anyway).

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