our front yard in canada last winter... on my old broken computer now seeing the old photographs.  all of our computers are broken!  when i first came to japan i was gifted an ipod by my coworkers at the furniture designer/manufacturer where i worked engraved with `best luck and wishes from your friends...` they had all chipped in 5 bucks.  my boyfriend at the time had bought me the exact same parting gift and had had to return it.  `you`ll be so cool looking` he said, `nobody uses apple in japan.`  uh, flash forward to today, three broken ipods later, and three broken macbooks, and well i don`t need to say much about apple in japan.  when a new phone comes out just check out the line in namba, where you can have items delivered to `the third person standing in the line in amemura`/  even tourists from china come to line up there!  it makes me chuckle.

 lately when i go out walking in the city i feel so full of emotions... it used to be that walking helped exorcise alot of demons, now it seems to exercise them.  lol.  not demons exactly, just feelings. i have always had an emotional connection to music, but after i expatriated to japan it became moreso.  i remember driving in our then car, a tiny piece of business with 600cc`s and the top down, listening to american music on fm kocolo.  i was embarassed to be moved to tears by every song, what a sight to see this repeating scene of a woman cruising down the freeways of kansai in a miniature convertible sobbing to hip hop and happy pop music.  i had a radio show in college and  my husband used to tell me i should try to get a job at fm cocolo.  it`s a secret dream that may be better kept as a dream.  we all need some dreams to keep.  today as i walked i listened on my headphones to sufjan stevens, paul simon, cat stevens.  i came home and i just had to hear lennon`s version of stand by me.  i remember a cab ride in nara nine years ago, singing beatles songs with the cab driver all the way home.  i suddenly need to hear springsteen`s voice.  i love this song.  i play it over and over again.  for those of us who feel feelings.  (all of us).  i`m on fire today.

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