`on the heels of rimbaud … from lowell to durango oh sister when i fall into your spacy arms` 

on rimbaud

well in real life, i am listening to john lennon`s acoustic `real love` on my iPad and looking at these photos from yesterday.  blogging is strangely distorting of time and reality like that, but this is a given.  yesterday was so weird/wonderful.  usually i run around the apartment from one thought fulfillment to another, forgetting one to the next, standing in rooms scratching my head.  starting a project i don`t intend to, and being unable to break away from it mentally.  lists don`t really help.  i usually forget to write down the list for a few days before i get around to it.  useless.  buddhist meditation on mindfulness does, but i`ve been meaning to do that for months now and haven`t gotten around to it so there you go.  in newfoundland back in the 80s and 90s and probably still they sold `roundtuits` - a wooden disk with `roundtuit` written on in black marker.  you know, when i get a `roundtuit` i`ll do it.  that sort of thing.  digress.

i heard `one more cup of coffee' in the background somewhere and i HAD to play that record (once again).  dylan`s voice on that is worth living for.  readin` the back i see the reference to rimbaud and lowell and i`m like, wait a minute (bookshelf right behind me don`t need to get up as i reach for my book of poems).  i`m almost at the end of my bell hooks book `wounds of passion` (can hardly put this thing down, feel as if i`m reading my own thoughts, thrifted this life changing bunch of papers full of inky symbols for 100yen,  What!?!?) and i see this cushion on the cover photo of her, just behind her.  i have to make it.  it was a weird day full of smooth connections and transitions.  strangely enough i made a hiroshima/tokyo/osaka hybrid okonomiyaki for dinner using two frying pans, and when i flipped the thing into the cast iron pan, don`t you know it turned over perfectly?  that is not my usual luck.  it was also delicious.  again, not my usual luck.

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