i have to say, i`m a little bit proud of myself for some of the weaving i`ve done. with the exception of the two months i lived at my inlaws last summer, i`ve been weaving in high gear, pretty much since i began!  i can definitely see how my color choices have changed over the years.  this is the first piece i ever wove.  i was so hooked from this one scarf.

I HAVE TO SAY WEAVING HAD A HUGE IMPACT ON MY LIFE IN A POSITIVE WAY.  IT WAS THE PERFECT OUTLET FOR ME FOR EXPRESSION, CONNECTING TO PEOPLE/PAST, EMOTING, STORYTELLING, JOURNALLING, AND ASSERTING, among other things….  like when daniel johnston sang `i am an artist looking for a medium` - i definitely found my medium in the old warp & weft.  when i started it wasn`t the most popular of the fiber arts, but it seems to have been experiencing a revival in some popular trends.  while i am glad for this, i hope the excitement doesn`t wash away too soon, because weaving is wonderful. {gush over}. i have a lot of crazy weavings in my heart still bursting to get out.  if only i could fill my paintbox with beautiful yarns.  :D

i have to thank my husband, he is the one who has always encouraged me, taken time to look at my pieces, helped me.  he seems to see the beauty in the irregular, or at least is very kind.  i spent a week weaving one piece in wool and mohair and when it was finished i was very disappointed with the final piece.  when i wondered if i should cut it up, use it to make something else or throw it out due to a strange passage of color work he said he liked that weird part best, and that we should keep it for ourselves and hang it up over our bed as a wall hanging.  i laugh and say that i am still working to pay off my loom, and that it may take a very long time.  he smiles and says, don`t worry someday you will.  he is the one who will whisper firmly to me those words we all long to hear in a yarn store (BELIEVE ME, YOU SHOULD BUY MORE).  thank the flying spaghetti monster for him.  if only he liked my cooking as much… lol.