the softest - lambswool mohair silk merino

what to do with this piece?  i wove it in canada.  i liked it so much i wove a second one, from scratch - a replicated warp.  sounds crazy to most weavers i suppose who would wind on a long warp or tie on a warp at least.  i made two nearly identical pieces, both from start to finish, copying each imperfection in the warp - two threads to this dent, then one, then six, then one, then two…..  it sounds insane, but i love perfect imperfection.  the vintage german lambswool yarn in royal blue was so fine, so soft i`ve never had anything like that one cone i found.  i used black mohair lace yarn from saori, and  i bought the silk merino roving on etsy (it is so excellent for spinning, so soft and so much bounce).  this airy scarf is the softest thing i think i`ve ever made.  it`s so delicate.  they`ve been washed and finished and held up beautifully.  what to do with these little darlings?  

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