MELT scarves

MELT scarves

i like to keep an eye on what the olsen twins are doing over at the row.  after all, it is largely thanks to them that my shop did so well selling the type of haori i collected when it did. although i supplied a healthy amount of normal everyday kimono to sado participants, artists, reiki healers and martial artists overseas, it was the boom in graphic and modern kimono among young fashionistas that really made the shop float. i just found today this via the line - they seem to be carrying this brand melt which was established in 2011 in paris & kathmandu.  the designer/founders  cite { passion for experimenting with materials, exploring cultures, and seeking inspiration from nature (hello!  me too!)  woven by hand on wooden looms in nepal…cashmere…silk…yak….camel yarn (camel, my obsession!!!)  …aims to preserve traditional craftsmanship. } (lots of plagiarizing, paraphrasing and artistic license in there on my part, for good measure, so again i link back here to the original.  i`m a fangirl.).

this is where i want to be in ten years.  i mean five.  i mean now.  i actually saw myself in some of their designs. particularly in this one skinny scarf under the heading `well-travelled textiles: the art of layering`.  swoon;

a word on camel - when i was a `logistics professional` i used to cruise this consignment shop near my apartment in toronto to buy my `grown up` work clothes.  (to get the job in the first darn place i went through the weird process of borrowing 80s blazers from recruiters and eventually borrowing money from the bank to buy a work outfit.)  it is there that i first heard the band `bright eyes` (changed my life, bought nearly every CD), found an amazing cream colored silk tunic blouse that i would wear for a decade, and the piece de resistance of a lifetime of thrifting - a  vintage camel hair sweater that would last even longer.  i was OBSESSED with that sweater.  people would tell me, not unkindly, that i reminded them of their grandmother in that thing.  i wore it until the elbows fell out.  living in those soft caramel colored hairs, ever since i have been obsessed with camel.  this is why i keep talking about alpacas and poodles.  what i really mean is camels. and maybe yaks.

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