today was delicious - a bike ride through kyoto`s light dappled scenery and then a scenic train ride up to one of my favorite old haunts - kurama mountain.  i first hiked this mountain ten years ago.  it`s something i did anywhere from once to a few times a year until we moved to canada - it was my first visit since moving back.   thankfully i wasn`t too out of shape! fresh thin air, 800 year old trees,  friendly mountain folk, and one of my favorite mountain temples.  i took a million photos, i`ll have to post some more tomorrow.  tonight i`ll be sleeping like a baby after all that exercise and fresh air!  kurama is what we call a `power spot` in japan - i really recharged my batteries and feel mentally refreshed.  one of my friends hopped like a bunny all the way down the mountain - it was very amusing to watch!   i got my tired body home around five to a bare fridge, so i quickly whipped up some homemade cabbage & cream cheese / ground meat & onion pieroskis served with a simple scotch broth and white rice.  i used a vegan recipe for the pieroski dough and it worked out beautifully.  goodnight!

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