me, canada.

having grown up next to the ocean i usually get a bit squirrely when i`m inland for too long.  luckily kyoto has some soul-refreshing rivers to gaze upon slash walk beside.  i am feeling the pull, though - i want to fish/swim/tan/gaze/walk/behold/refresh.  i feel like us water-people bring our tribulations to the sea, lay them at the feet of the waves, and let the ocean take them.  i did my farming internship inland with no water in sight, and i almost went nuts!  i would jump in my car and drive twenty minutes just to take my lunch at the beach.  the pounding of surf always soothes something inside. the farmer grew up inland and the rolling fields were his beaches - when we went to the beach he would look at the sea and shrug.  `does nothing for me` he`d say.

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