i love our little apartment here in kyoto, but it is very strange to compare living squished in here with living sprawled out in our little cabin in the woods in canada.  our outdoor space (aka. balcony) is one third the average size in japan, and is in such a high traffic area there is not a single moment of privacy.  in canada we lived on 15-16 private wooded acres, and had zero neighbors.  we used to do everything from laundry to snowshoeing to skiing to chopping wood to gardening to woodwork to eating dinner to drinking a beer after a hot summer day right out in our front yard.  if anybody ever drove by, it was a big deal.  we always waved.
i start teaching again in april, and it`s very weird to be going from two years of home-renovation and hand-crafting work to wearing a suit and working in a university environment…  alot of big adjustments and changes.  at least it will allow me plenty of time to keep weaving at the same pace.  i`m excited to see what comes off the loom this year.  :D

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