this remix been stuck in my head for a couple of weeks.  my roommate in university had a major thing for sade, and his voice sounds so much like hers.  it`s not the usual thing you hear, but one thing that has been bringing me alot of joy this week is aging - i can`t seem to get enough grey and white hairs.  i used to pluck them out, silly girl.  now they can`t come in fast enough.  i love being thirty-three.  it was 25 degrees yesterday and i spent the day eating sandwiches in nara park with my bestey - i actually got a suntan! on the way home there were signal problems with the JR line (surprise surprise)  and it took three hours to get back to kyoto.  we were stopped in the middle of nowhere for almost two hours.  if i were still in canada this would be the usual, heck the ferry to newfoundland would get stuck in the ice sometimes for days, but it happens so rarely in japan.  still, beats riding a horse or walking.  right?  thankfully it wasn`t crowded and i had a seat, plus a novel to read (julian barnes - `england`) that was prodigiously written and wickedly entertaining.  i even learned a few new words.  well, back to winding skeins!  i`ve got my hands all over that wild eri silk yarn.  i foresee some indigo dyeing going down in the afternoon.

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