it`s been a while since i blogged about weaving, or since i`ve been weaving actually!  i started warping this up earlier the week, got through sleying the reed rather quickly with two threads to a dent, but then slowed to a halt on the harness work.  i`ll post about the distractions a bit later..still have about 350 little metal eyelets to peer through before i can get on with this!  the yarn is from teoriya in osaka; it`s an original wool yarn for weaving and it is soooo soft.  i don`t know the type of wool or the micron count, but i could be fooled into thinking this was cashmere, and if not, certainly a nice merino.

my friend sent me an email yesterday and mentioned a scarf i wove for her on my old sakiori loom, back when i had just begun weaving and before i had begun selling, had finally softened.  admittedly my first forays into weaving were more visually concerned than tactile, but that started to evolve in the aframe studio and now back here in japan my work has become so soft it`s a small point of pleasure, and softer every time.  i attribute the softening to new skills in understanding the feel of a cloth, but moreso credit is due to the superior yarns available here in the kansai area.  i definitely owe my dear friend an updated scarf!  perhaps something with this lovely red and white yarn.  i bought the white skein first, and delighted at the touch of it headed back a week later and hmmed and hawed for a very long time before settling on the fire engine red.  i think a simple swedish-inspired check or plaid might be nice.  excited to see how it weaves and finishes.  teoriya is a weavers candy shop; squishy skeins of every kind of fiber in rainbows upon rainbows neatly arranged from floor to ceiling.

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