i picked up a toe-up socks book by wendyknits over the holidays, on sale for 100yen…  i`ve been knitting socks for as long as i`ve been in japan, but this is my first toe-up approach.  i have no idea why i waited until now, something in the backwards approach so perfectly suits my psychology - i read magazines backwards, and i can`t see how anything looks until i hold it up to a mirror.  i`ve knit top-down sweaters before, but never toe-up socks.  my best friend and i unravelled a jcrew sweater together while she was visiting and the super wash italian merino we split is awesome.  it`s nice to know she`s knitting socks from the same sweater.  like fieval goes west, with wool.  on the loom a pomegranate dyed handspun organic cotton warp, with some recycled linen  tweed mixed into the weft for textured stripes.

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