i dare not say how much i walked away with all these lovelies for.  dare not!  definitely not kyoto prices.  more like nara prices.  my love for nara may also be still evident in the attraction i may or may not have for deer motifs.  truth be told i snuck down to nara park for some good coffee and good company by the pond in nara this week, and actually fed the deer `shika senbei` for the first time in my life.  (ten years after first moving there.  lol!)  spring was in the air, flowers in bloom and bright sunny day.

i have found a great antique shop in kyoto, where they sell antiques to the gion antique shops for up-marking for the tourists.  i`m a happy camper as we came back to japan with no dishes (no anything really) and the one box with a beloved teapot and sake set i had set aside in my in-laws storage garage went mysteriously missing over the two years we were in canada.  so, i have a new old teapot, and a new old set of sake cups for special occasions like new years.  and a lovely vase, and a lovely little sake cup for every (other) day (week/month).   not pictured but we also bought an older antique chipped soba cup to use for measuring doggy food.  (also blue and white). same price as an ugly plastic thing.  hard to believe.  i do love being back in japan for reasons such as beautiful antique dishes.  back to work, i`m warping today - can you believe it?

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