i was nervous about warping in the puppy zone, but as she was taking her morning nap i gave it a go.  fortunately she seems to like watching the yarn come off the cone as she lazes.  felt inspired by two colors of organic cotton - one handspun and the other slub - two of my favorite things in the world.

i am allergic to EVERYTHING so getting a puppy was a big leap of faith.  i`d had tonsillitis all month from first sugi trees and then cherry pollen, and when we first brought her home i almost died - perhaps she brought home some cat dander and other pet dust in her silky hair.  after a few days though my allergies calmed down to almost nothing.  i`m still allergic to pet saliva as well, but it`s manageable - i just wash my hands alot.  we got her because miniature schnauzers hardly shed and are said to be relatively non-allergenic.  true to the breed she shows a bit of stubbornness can can be a bit aggressive in play, but she`s training very quickly and sofar doesn`t bark.  i wish we had her in canada in the a-frame so she could have enjoyed hunting rats for real!  for now she just pretends with her cute little toy.  it`s hard to imagine we may be together for up to twenty years - i`ve never thought so far ahead before, but she is very sweet to come home to, she`s my little dog, and i can`t wait to show her all the wonderful trees in the park.

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