to kick off golden week i treated myself to some krispy kream and a little bouquet of fresh flowers at the subway station on my way home.  sofar it`s been a lot of sleeping late, eating crap and doing nothing.  i judge myself harshly by what i see in my grocery basket, and since i`ve gotten busier working outside my own home & studio, my groceries have gone from fresh fruits and vegetables to petrified plastic packed deep fried garbage.  it`s a real bummer.  i guess i`ll have to set aside more time every week for cooking ahead.  this challenge is compounded somewhat by the onslaught of 30 degree weather - already it`s too hot to cook with the gas for dinner.  how many cold meals can you think up?  my inlaws eat nabe every other night right through the kansai summers but this is not a tradition i have any intention of perpetuating - to me it`s madness.  standbys?  noodles, noodles, noodles, salad, and tofu.  here we go, another six months of summer!!!!!

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