i`ve been slagging away at a no-pattern cardigan project all winter and still have yet to start the back.  it`s the only knit project i`ve had on the go, which is rare, but i started getting a little antsy with just one.  i saw the flax sweater pop up on pinterest and i instantly loved the simple design - i cast on with this merino/angora my friend and i unravelled back in december and quickly went down to the bottom of the yoke.  in just a few days!  it`s so satisfying because i`m completely charging on, never going back to correct mistakes, totally screwing up the raglan and the purl borders, and still loving it.  most delightful is the fact this yarn from a tiny thrift store sweater, split between two ladies, has yielded four socks, two woven scarves, and now possibly a whole sweater!  it`s soft as a little lamb.

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