a few wonky warp threads..

actually it was the second attempt, the first warp i used the wrong yarn... 

cut offs & start agains 

when i first started weaving, it relieved me greatly to hear other weavers confess to less than perfect weavings behind the scenes.  cut offs in frustration, endless set up, total fails...  in fact i have a suitcase full of failures, (great song title, no?) and since i try not to throw anything away (from string ends reused in weaving to repurposed as stuffing for toys sewn from throw away scraps) i`m plotting and figuring how best to patchwork them all into a strange, freestyle crazy woven quilt for our winter bed, or perhaps for the guestroom where it is extra cold.  no heating in either room, folks.  i also subscribe to the pleasure taken in winter being `cold`.  there is something in it that makes one feel very much human and very much alive.  saving scraps for reuse has much the same effect!

all this talk about winter in the stifling heat that has only just begun.

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