i`m back!

after a whirlwind work term, i`ve been off for one week.  it feels like a whole season!  perhaps because it is so unbearably hot, and just as quickly as true summer has come to kyoto i am anxiously waiting for it to leave.  (scarves, sweaters, fall food, hot baths, afghans & quilts and kyoto snow, oh my!)

in one week, i have found enough time to bury myself in weaving and knitting work.  i think it best to actually take a few days off and then get into the weaving for august, but i can`t really help myself.    plenty of photos waiting in my folder of what`s been on and off the loom.  i excited myself already with a kilogram of undyed, handspun organic cotton skeins from masuhisa delivered to my door one evening.  i`ve already started a dyebatch with st. john`s wort, and warped up three different projects.  but most of all i`ve been focused on a collaborative redesign of my old tea towels from last september between norway and here (hi aina!).  it`s been a puzzle, but hopefully something will work out right.  it`s lovely to share passion for woven creations!

back to work! (i mean vacation!)  -s

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