i hit a stride today, finally, with some weaving.  i finished up a simple warp with some cotton/hemp, and this simple design just came to me for some handtowels - best of all i got to see my new handspun organic cotton skeins come to life with some home dyeing with st. john`s wort..  it turned out the prettiest blush - and one stripe of the pomegranate seed dyed yarn from the same maker..  (not my dye batch).  also i bid farewell to another handwoven scarf today, of the same beautiful cotton yarn.  it travels abroad!  it was a good weaving day.

by the way, the cicadas are well beyond their initial climb up the trees, and no doubt rapidly living out their short lives in some beautiful/sad frenzy like little ghosts in shells.  they are now buzzing with the break of dawn all over kyoto.  sparrows are the tiny little monsters -too busy to sing- gobbling them up for breakfast.

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