i found three balls of this delightful vintage japanese yarn this weekend for sale in my neighbourhood - it is roughly half parts silk and mohair.  how delicious! i have absolutely no idea what to do with it, but it`s no time to be weak, it`s already enitrely warped up on my loom, anxiously waiting for me to get on with it!  the sensei who taught me how to weave told me years ago (before she retired and before i moved back to canada and before i moved back to japan after that!) that this tomato red colour looks smashing with fuschia pink.  i just so happen to have some fuschia pink yarn - a beautiful debbie bliss chainette in baby alpaca that i`ve been hoarding for years.. i don`t know if i`m plucky enough to play around with that much luxury yarn. and personally, i find this colour scary to wear! i need to find a nice counter-balancing shade.  i think grey would give it a lovely retro feel, and i do have some 100% grey silk nep yarn lying around.  but maybe too retro?  could go with black mohair... also retro.  it is a retro yarn, to be fair.  what on earth am i going to do?  thank goodness for thinking out loud.  hope this works out!

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