this ended up being the tiniest mat for my tiniest W/C (wash closet).  it`s funny, i used the loveliest organic handspun cotton warp, and the loveliest handspun donegal tweed wool weft, and yet i neglected to ensure the pattern was perfectly set up.  as a result, i have the most rustic looking rug i`ve ever seen.  funnily enough, i love it that way.  i guess being introduced to weaving through saori was an excellent mental frame for approaching it all, from colour pairings to missed warp threads! and no machine could ever mess up this mat as much as i did, so everyone who visits my W/C can see that what is below their feet was made by hand.  lol!  and by the way, along with anything and everything else she finds, my dog likes to eat yarn, paper, and bits of my loom.

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