yesterday we got a new prime minister in canada.. i was so tickled over that i treated myself to a finger of scotch on the rocks after lunch.  i don`t drink very often or very much, but celebration was in order after ten years of watching and wincing from afar..

a few photos from my trip to canada - i`m so glad to be from newfoundland.  i love that it has hardly changed in looks from port aux basques to clarenville in all the 34 years of my life. it feels like something that can be trusted.  yes that is double denim, double double, and diner poutine pictured above.

i wanted to get all these photos out of the way, because on my brain right now is weaving and more weaving.  i feel as much passion as when i started, incredibly.  most likely more.  i`m riding a crest of creativity and my back ache and my shoulders tender do nothing to stop me from warping up the next one, and i`m so happy about it all.

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