this little pup

something like an urban legend happened today --- i was taking in my laundry when i noticed the pup had put something large in her mouth out on the balcony.  i put my fingers in to take it out when i saw the menacing flash of yellow and orange and felt the fat furry abdomen - sure enough my little dog had a susumebachi (giant asian hornet) in her mouth and i had just touched a part of it.  i lost my head.  i`m not sure if it was rationality or fear but in a general panic chanting `omigod omigod omigod omigod` and trembling i opened her mouth again and with pure adrenaline plucked out the bee and grabbed my dog and slammed the patio door shut between us and it.  i checked her mouth and tongue and thankfully she seemed just fine.  (luckily for us both it was dead when she ate it.) she was pretty annoyed that i took her snack from her and was trying to get at it through the door.  i however was shaking uncontrollably for the better part of 20 minutes.  the sting from one of those is described as a hot nail being hammered into your flesh -  they are probably my greatest fear!  it was honestly as long as a chicken nugget; i texted my husband and told him we are moving back to canada.  

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