i finally got around to an etsy update!  been ages,  but i`ve slowly been building up my little pile of weaving.  i`m so happy with everything this year, but a little too obsessed with the little bath mat.  i may have to take it out of the shop, because i have had too much difficulty dealing with putting a price on it that is not astronomical.  what?  this little silly bath mat?  I LOVE IT.  no human price can be put on it!  maybe it should have been a present instead.  i will dwell on it a bit.  my attachment to the handspun organic cotton yarn of which my supply is dwindling may also be a factor.  good yarn from a good source is no joke!  so much delight in a tiny textile.  

this past week a student had a handwoven pouch, three actually, and delighted i asked to take a photo.  her grandmother had woven them from very fine cotton in shiga prefecture.  amazingly, after seeing how insane i got over the tiny pieces of cloth, she gave one of them to me.  i protested, but she quickly and firmly insisted she had MANY MORE of them.  treasure.  these treasures to be handed down, and passed around. all things hand made.

oh yes, etsy.  yes, a few more scarves from earlier in the year to be put in, and put back in.  i have some very exciting weaving projects in my queue.  trying to veer from the cotton to the wool, silk, alpaca, mohair, angora and more things warm, but the lovely cotton keeps sneaking back in.  and i feel an itch to do some spinning.  wish i had some outdoor space to myself, but perhaps i can sneak out to a park and spin under the autumn leaves.

(i`ve linked the above photos to the shop!)

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