i stumbled upon a forum somewhere the other day, that posed the delightful question to the general public writ large - do you have a weaving dog/cat?  i didn`t realize it was a thing, but what a thing it is!

the long hoarded baby alpaca warp, to be herringbone tweeded in with some good mohair wool in black, all this luxury?  my husband`s birthday is rapidly approaching and for once in my life he has asked me for something handmade.  handwoven, no less. lol.  i worked my reed by putting 2 in one dent, then 1 in the next, and so on in this manner.  i usually just used my reeds with either singles or doubles in each, or skipping a few in between, but i`ve only just recently realized that i can do whatever the heck i like with it for finer setts.  not the quickest, but perhaps the doggedest.  ?

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