blomidon - nova scotia

acadian shore, nova scotia 

digby, nova scotia


yarmouth, nova scotia

south shore - shelbourne area, nova scotia

while in canada we lived in both the south shore and annapolis valley regions of nova scotia and a beach was never more than a walk or a quick drive away.  an american lady who purchased some of my handwoven scarves remarked to me once that she`d been to nova scotia a few times on vacation, but couldn`t imagine how we could live there as there seemed to be `nothing there`.  having grown up in newfoundland, having `nothing there` was part of the appeal in moving back to the east coast.  i love the solitude of wide, empty beaches.  if you live in kansai region of japan you can surely find an empty, beautiful beach, especially in mie or wakayama prefectures and particularly if you have a car, but for us there was something extra in the empty toll-free highways and flat wide-open roads of nova scotia, in the big sprawling skies between the sparsely populated little towns.  you kinda feel like john wayne.  like a cowboy.  like a freewheeling adventurer.  like, free.  anyway, there`s definitely not `nothing there` (double negative?), but the opportunities for spacious yet private respite are so plentiful and abounding.  if you take a vacation to nova scotia, be 100% sure and rent a car because public transportation hasn`t become a thing there yet, and road trip your way around the province stopping only for beaches, bicycles, wineries, coffee, canoeing, frenchy`s, and fish & chips.