i`m doing a weird little dance here today, i passed a first interview and have a 2 hour interview very soon for a university teaching gig. i don`t even know if i want this job yet, but i`m kind of excited to wear a suit again.  it`s been such a long time.  i never thought i would say that.  any of that.  but it is time for something new.  too bad i can`t wear something handmade to the interview, i always feel more confident wearing something i made.  hand knit scarf from vintage british wool, hand-woven scarf from a silk theory sweater on it`s last legs and some other silk i reclaimed from a failed weaving experiment.  so soft.  lord interviews in japan are tough, aren`t they?  i`m so unused to the dress code after so long.  mandatory makeup.  oh god.

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