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if you like weaving, scarves, fiber, color, or style, this article is divine.  the styling of the shoot is mind bendingly good. as a little disclaimer, i grew up not having  money for what i wanted in clothing, so instead i doodled pictures of what i wished i could wear.  i painted, bedazzled, sewed and patch-worked shirts, even though it brought swaths of ridicule cut through the elementary school classroom.  before i could sew i secretly tried to tape together scrap fabric to form blouses in the basement, with scotch tape!  i was scott thompson`s little character sketch of a young boy who drapes himself in bathtowels as turbans and dresses while his parents are away..  from junior high school i thrifted and found sartorial peace in vintage.  even as a grown ass woman pinching and saving, i still cannot afford a 400$ scarf, nor a beautiful designer sweater.  (heck i borrowed a winter coat for this winter). but i can admire them.  :D i still try and make for myself what i want to wear, by recycling quality yarn i find and knitting or sewing something together.  this makes me feel very satisfied.

i really admire this brand.  but i am always walking a line for my own dreams between things that are designed and things that are made.  i admire good design and excellent craftsmanship, but i like designing and making a single piece and letting it be handmade, imperfect, coarse, one of a kind.  i realize from my experience in business that human psychology is drawn toward duplicates, to a brand, and especially in north america we are drawn toward industrialized perfection of handicraft techniques, as if they were the penultimate outcome of advances in human ability.  so in this way it`s a struggle to be a one-off one-of-a-kind offbeat textile maker.  i just sold this piece, and i will never be able to recreate it.  not exactly.  i see the photos of it in the making and it was just a little baby scarf, i feel something..  but the communication in the ether  of making a thing with passion/precision and having someone choose it for their own is so incredible.  i am very interested in people who are interested in one of a kind things, because few so people resist the urge to be the same as everyone else.  which is really quite unnatural.  not that i`m still a proponent of individualism in all things, just that i believe everyone has a unique perspective on life and learning the collection of their experiences is to learn the world more fully. (oh god i have been reading the kant).  i wish these perspectives were expressed outwardly more often.

my heart is happy for the moment, i sent a piece off into the world.  it`s funny, the pieces i know in my heart are really the best always sell. if you are reading this, thank you and i hope you love the scarf as much as me! and waiting on my loom is another, yet unknown one.  back to work!

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