yaaaarn.  i have o`paca from fleece artist, i bought while in nova scotia, canada... a beautiful handspun angora twe   ed from teoriya in osaka bought after i came back, and this crazy donegal tweed i`ve been hoarding for EVER!  the fat oatmeal cake pictured at bottom - i got it in exchange for a monetary donation to charity at a yarn shop years ago in canada.  back then it was on a cone, and it`s been in a ball, skein and center-pull ball since then, never once used.  it finally spoke up this afternoon and told me it might like to go `goose-eye` in a little rug in my house!  obliging, i warped up 70 grams of my organic handspun cotton from masu hisa and goodness ever knows what will actually happen from there.  no doubt a psychedelic rainbow blanket in `rosepath`. 

i can tell you only two things; i love weaving and i can`t seem to stop.  work, a wild dog who eats yarn, a bum back, arthritic toes, pending household chores and 60 days of sinus cold, not a single thing can keep me from it.  it`s love.

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